A Beautiful Day


Eric Mattlin

I spent the last night and this morning getting my Amphicar ready for the
trip out to Visit Dave the Wave on Sunday. After starting it I let it warm
up in the garage then drove it slowly around my neighborhood. After that I
spent the next two hours in Chicago stop and go traffic to make sure the
brakes were okay. I had my regular mechanic check the brakes, hoses and
fluid levels then we adjusted the tire pressure. Everything is working
fine. After Dave had it last year it has been running and shifting like a
champ. My biggest problem today is that the car is so quiet at idle that I
keep thinking it has stalled out at the stop lights. Even with the windows
down I can't hear it. That new insulation is pretty amazing.

The visit to the mechanic made the day of the guys in the shop. They don't
see much of the really odd cars. Lots of Jaguars and Mercedes, the
occasional Rolls but it is the Amphicar that is exciting.

What a great day to own an Amphicar!!!

62 White Amphicar
67 Red Lincoln Continental Convertible

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