7th Annual San Diego Swim In highlights



9 total Amphicars showed up at various
times throughout the blazingly HOT day.
Temps in the 90's!!! I personally took
around 30 trips down the ramp with 3 to
5 people on board. One notable passenger
was a writer for the Simpson cartoon TV
show and movie. Dude was so impressed
that Homer Simpson might be sporting
an Amphicar someday! No used food! I'm
dead serious. Ah hell, nobody believes
me... Wonder what an Amphi on the Simpsons
will do for our cars value & popularity?
Anyway lots of fun and rides were had by all.
Someone roasted an entire pig!!! Mmmm very
tasty. Don't tell my Rabbi for Christ sake!
Thanks to all who made the trek especially
the Ed, Dick/Scott, Steve, & Jim who all came
a fair distance to enjoy the fun. And
thanks to the locals too - you guys gave
that babe from Coastal Living magazine the
biggest grin with your amphibious silliness.
I also did a 30 second spot on local KUSI TV 51
News which my co-workers won't let me forget.
Not one Amphi breakdown all day too! A
perfect Amphicar event. Sweet!!!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA