6 foot 1 and 270 pounds


B Crombie

I too am 6 foot 1 but weigh 260 pounds. I stored another guy's Amphicar this
past winter and when I sat in the drivers seat, my knees would definitely get in
the way of my ability to steer. While I couldn't move the stock bench seat
forward or back (rusted tight) it became a concern as I am presently restoring a
' 64. When I bought it back in ' 99, of course I sat in her but don't recall
being concerned about it's small drivers compartment. At that time, I
immediately started tear down and haven't sat in her since.

I'm wondering about your own driving comfort and others who are of a large
stature. Do your knees hit the steering wheel?

Just a thought on your parade passenger. Have him walk next to your Amphi
tossing candy to the kids. It will be good for him and your Amphi too!

Brian Crombie
Faribault, Mn.

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Al Heath

I've noticed different default seat positions between my car (a 65 with
lips, though hull shocks, and the extra brace behind the front seat with
eye hooks for seat belts) vs my wife's (an earlier car with out lips, under
hull shocks, no original seat belt provisions). My seat slides back
further from the wheel than hers, and vica versa, her's gets closer to the
wheel than mine. That makes it just fine for us as in my car even with the
seat all the way forward, she has a hard time on the pedals, but not in
hers. So, perhaps Amphicar changed where they drilled the bolt holes?
Both cars have only the one set of holes. Anyway, I'm just over 6 foot,
but only 210 pounds. However, it would be easy enough to fix while you
have her torn down by drilling and welding some new nuts in a location a
little further back, or welding on a little more angle iron there if needed
to extend further back. And while you are at it, weld in some seat belt
attachments. I used about 3 feet of simple 1 1/4 inch angle iron (three
pieces: about a 6 inch piece on the outside and one betwen the frame with
a small notch where the emergency brake cables would pass under. The other
control rods aren't a problem) and 7/16 nuts welded to the under side of
the angle for the seat belts to bolt into.


Arnold Hite


About Amphi leg room::

I'm 6' 2" . With the front bench seat all the way back, the leg
room is not great but it is adiquate. My biggest problem is getting my
big feet past the door moldings without raking my dirty shoes against
the door trim. Also don't underestimate the power of rust mixed with
years of grit and sand to gum up the sliding track of the front seat.
In my second Amphicar I was convinced for two years that the design of
the front seat track was different from the one in my first Amphi. Leg
room was so poor that I could barely drive her. The seat appeared to
slide normally and would come to a quick stop after sliding back for a
few inches. It seemed normal to me and I had taken the seat out and
given the track a cursury cleaning. I remember posting a message to
this list complaining about the lack of leg room and asking if anyone
else had this particular design. After tearing out the front seat a
second time and cleaning and forcing the track, I discover that it did
move several inches more that I first thought.
I felt pretty stupid, but then, it was pretty dirty.

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC


B Crombie

Re: Re: 6 foot 1 and 270 pounds

Al and Arnold,
Thanks for your input. That seat I referred to had to be frozen in the
position with what your telling me. Yes Al, seatbelts are a must. I've
used to using them over the years and would feel very uncomfortable not
being strapped in on the road. Especially in a rag top.
Arnold, I know what you mean about raking your feet on the door molding. I
just sold a 1976 Jeep with the same problem. However, it wasn't so much a 6
foot 1
issue as it was the 260 pounds that got in the way of steering. Not much
in those babies!

Brian Crombie
Faribault, Mn.