!5th Annual Mt. Dora Swim-In makes the Orlando Sentinel paper


Amphicar Expert
Ron made the Front page of the DAILY COMMERCIAL out of Leesburg fl/
and I quote..(..However the Amphicars were left out of the 23ed annual festival this weekend due in part to liability concerns growing out of last weekends boating fatalities in the classic race boat regatta in Travaris ,according to Craig Hartwig,Sunnyland association President.)
Gee I thought they told us there was no room many months ago..Hmmmm..
we had a great weekend..Amphicar owners fromFL. Ill. Minn. Cal. Mich. Ohio. NH. Canada(me) England and Neatherland ,,,still going strong on Monday.. were off to the Silver River in Ocalla.
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Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
And a big Thanks to Ray Handloser for making, printing and putting the Amphicar posters up with Peter Fredsals help. I think the Club should reimburse him.
Later Gator Wave