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Daniel & Kathy Gibson

We drove Das Boot down to Warren and Lisa's house for the Austin two
weeks ago, and had a blast! Thanks for putting up with us yet again this
year! Seems like we had 7 Amphicars at one point or another during the
weekend. Made some new friends (Larry and his charming wife Nancy), and
met up with some old ones (Dave and Susan, David and Debbie, Tony and
Lisa). Austin is probably the prettiest part of Texas, and Warren and
Lisa always have fun stuff for us to do.

Rather than trailer this year, we decided to cruise the backroads to
Austin. I was pretty nervous at first, so I took it pretty easy on DB,
but as it was running without issues, I decided to let 'er rip, and took
it up to 55 MPH! :^) On the way home, I actually got it up to 69 MPH
going downhill with a tailwind. I really wanted to hit 70 MPH, but not
this time. I thought Kathy was going to bail out.

So, what actually went wrong with DB on the trip? Not too much actually.
The clutch cable needed adjusting twice, and the muffler loosened up a
little, but nothing that kept us from going down the road. The biggest
catastrophe of the trip is when one of my rear bumper guards broke off
and sank in Lake Travis. Apparently it was rustier than I had realized.
The only consolation is that there is a little piece of Lake Travis that
will be forever German. ;^) Does anyone have an early style bumper
guard that they can part with? I think the only ones for sale new are
the newer style ones.


'64 Das Boot
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