43 hp yuck


David Derer

Small journal 1300 core with some shopping cost Me 100, The cost to
build 1147 or 1300 stock is same across the board. Add a little for
extra valve springs . 1300 comes with better cam or add 150 for custom
cam grind. Live with what came with 1300 for carb or add 500 for weber
with intake. New 1147 carb add 250. So for 250 - 400 more than a 1147,
I can have a Amphi that can go up hills on the highway. And also then be
able to say things like "yeah its got a Weber"
and " No My Amphi doesn't leak gas when I turn it off". And have enough
tork to get past stronger currents. My bumper sticker has "Eat My Wake!"
Viva Spring weather in the midwest . Later Dave the Wave