4 wheel drive Amphi



Before entering ramps that you have never used, it is wise to walk
into the water on that ramp, this is the only way to really know what
it is like under the water, unless you see boats being put in there,
and then it's still a good idea. It's a hard thing to do,
restraining ourselves, before driving right in, using a new and
unfamiliar ramp; but we'd sure hate to pound or wreck the rear end of
our priceless little beauty. We've seen it happen, "BOOM!!!!"
Getting out is usually not too bad using just about any ramp;
Amphicars will walk right up just about any ramp or even something
that doesn't resemble a ramp. Sometimes we have been asked by people
we are giving rides to if this thing has 4-wheel drive, we always
say, "It sure does!"
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq