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While I like to keep my old cars original, I do make exception for safety related items. I have added 3rd stoplight (led) to some of my other vehicles and was wondering if anyone has found a good 3rd stoplight option for Amphi.


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I have seen them built in to the rear engine hood but a few non intrusive options are...
If your car is converted to neg ground you can put LED red bulbs into your back up lights and wire into turn signals for more light power.
I have avalable RED back up look a like lens.
you can change the lower red reflectors into small LED trailer light marker ass.
there is a licence plate chrome cover that has the 3ed light built into it. but to make it work on brake only you would have to run a wire up to the brake light swith on master cyl.
If you change your std turn signals to LED you have to use a LED FLASHER or they will not flash.

Driving my Fiberglass car dowen here in Florida I feal much better knowing they can see my very bright LED tail lights, there is a picture of them on the fiberglass amphicar feed I up posted yesterday. I also put trailer LED under them that come on only with brakeing.


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I think that in addition to brightness, putting them up higher and into the line of site for SUV drivers is key.

I am thinking that the 3rd brake light from a mid 80s vette may be the best option as shown on the green 914 below. I used a motorcycle led on my orange 914 that also pulses when you first tap the brakes. That was easy on the 914 but for Amphi you need either a waterproof enclosure or a non-submerged mounting point. IMG_1192.JPG

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Why don't you attach it at the rear marine pole light?

I use a aluminium tube to mount a gimbal for my Gopro, if i do not use the original marine light. With a white 16mm led light on top.

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