3rd Annual Swim With Dave the Wave


Dave Derer

The chosen motel is the Fairfield Inn.815 223 7458. They have pool and
some type of breakfast. Rooms held are under Midwest Amphicar call now
before they are all booked. Its a nice place rates are around 70 per
night. I have confirmations from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and
Kentucky. Friday night all are welcome to "camp" here. We will head to
the lovely Rock River and have dinner at my favorite watering hole.
Saturday morning we meet at Spring Valley Boat Club. Hopefully weather
will be as nice as last year. Iam estimating 40 for dinner. Sure would
love to see a few cars from Minnesota show up! I get so darned excited!
I want to start working on my own car. It may have cut out rear wheel
wells so I can run big 14 inch tires. I picked up a styro foam sail
boat. I want to bolt on some wheels and be able to pull it on land and
water. I am thinking of using my small neon tubes under my naked lady
hood ornament as the marine light. I did buy a swivel seat base. I want
to mount it on hump that top folds down on to. Dan Borgmann has a high
seat in his. It makes for a great place to video. Later Dave the Wave