30 seconds of terror


Dave Derer

Weather forecast warned of major change. I finally got ok to leave for a
little while. As I drove to river winds increased, temperatures were
dropping. Wind gusts were making driving difficult. I got in river and
it was fairly smooth. I kicked back and started to enjoy the ride.
Breaking the small waves, the water flying up and over. The warm heater.
The new hood seals working well. Dry bilge, warm fingers and clear
windshield ahhhhh. A couple of miles down, river gets wider. Winds and
waves had been picking up. Still no fear just fun excitement. Then
...... odd waves like being on wrong side of the surf. The waves would
crest and push down on hood. Usually Amphi rides up and crashes down.
These scared the %$&^ out of me. The "popping" back up like a cork was
not happening very well. When one wave would crest on hood, the Amphi
was already in the middle of next one. It felt like no release. My life
vest on. I try to turn. Going straight would be worse. Turning car had
little control. Very similiar to being in Lake Michigan past break wall
in the wind. Finally I got turned around. Amphi felt more like surfing
with back end being pushed up riding the waves against the current.
Great time! Later Dave the Wave

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