2018 Clearlake Seaplane - Amphicar: Fly & Swim-in


In previous years (2017 was a very bad "water-year"), a group of Amphicars has participated in the Kelseyville Pear Festival and then joined the Seaplane Pilots in their annual West Coast adventure. It is a fun gathering of the flying/driving/floating dual purpose vehicles in a terrific location and greatly appreciated by the locals. Many seaplane/Amphicar rides are given and traded. The following request was recently received looking for 2018 interest, repeated here for those who might be interested:

We are trying to measure your interest in having the Amphicar group combine with the seaplane group at our event in September 2018.

For information go to www.clearlakesplashin.com.

In the past we have had a local group of amphicars. [note: actually they also came from Santa Barbara, LA, Seattle, Los Gatos, Sacramento & elsewhere]

Tod V. Dickey
Committee Member for Clearlake Splash-in 2018

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