2018 Best swin in EVER!

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2018 Central Florida Amphicar Meet added an event.
March 20 at 2:52pm ·
Please join The Souters at their home to share a brunch and maybe go for a swim without the car in their pool.



Brunch at the Souters
Today 10 AM · 6823 S Fern Cir, Leesburg, FL 34748-9554, United States

Thanks to all whom came and to those involved in making this the best,,, wettest, warmest friendliest ;;;;;;;SWIM IN>>>>>>>>> EVER>>> GORD

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Wish N and M were not beside each other(re Title)
I second that notion Gord! This was my third trip to this swim in and my first time with my (almost finished) Amphicar. Kudos to Gord and Joanne for opening up their home for Sunday brunch. Also to Herb for taking the reins to organize the event and others who contributed their time and efforts to make sure things ran smoothly. Mike La Croix, thanks again for providing a place to hang my hat.
I have to say it was an unbelievable three days. The entire drive down from Minnesota was cold. Our last night spent in Macon Ga. was a cold 38 degrees. When we arrived in Leesburg it was in the low 70's. The temps just got better and better for the next three days. Whoever choose the date for this event was spot on!
I had a great time hanging out with the other Amphicar owners. A great bunch of folks. It was a good opportunity to see 16 other Amphicars and how they customized their rides. I also learned a few things. In particular, listen to the guys in the know like Gord Souter and Dave the Gator Wave and others who recommend opening up the square tube frame members. I was taking on a lot of water and it was coming from the e-brake cable where it passes through the frame. It turns out three of the folks in the know (including Doug Parsons) said to check the front of the frame located above the steering linkage pan. There it was. A pencil size rust hole that opened up to a dime size hole with a screwdriver. Some JB weld and a bottle cap plugged it.
All in all, I'm glad I made the 3k round trip. It was worth every minute! Gord, you are right. "The best, wettest, warmest, friendliest swim in ever"!

Brian Crombie
Land of 10,000 lakes!