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Canadian four amphs

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Everyone is starting to plan the 2008 Swim ins,, Orillias will be in keeping with last 2 years and be on the same date as the Orillia Christmas in June and the Micro car meet at Ralphs which is June 21st(sat)The fun will begin here at my Farm(shop) on Thursday June 19th and will not end till Sunday June 22ed late afternoon.
Last Fall Ron Trudeau and I scooped out a Sunday(?) driving trip to a Lake I have never been in and found good ramps on both sides. Its called 6 mile lake, but we will not go that far.. lots of fingers and cove's then into the 50,000 islands of Georgian Bay at Honey Habour.(where I chased them as a young man..boy)
Every year we average about 15 Amphicars on the lot and one new one added every year.This years will be Steve form NH. Have heard form some new people that say they are coming for sure this year..
Mark this on your Calander NOW!. Camping is avalable on my farm.
Canadian four amphs.

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Hey Cigar Guy! Are You going ?How about if You drive, Margie and I will ride with You? We will need to find a place to stay up there. Hey Gord what is rental on house boat? -16 this morning WINTER REALLY SUCKS


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Just testing out some software updates BUT while I am at it,

Are dates confirmed for Celina 2008? Is Holiday Inn taking reservations yet?

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Canadian four amphs

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Pic is a test drive threw locks in 2006 with daughter, Son in law and I.
in 2007 we had 6 amphis go threw..
This Year..........We could lock threw the last lock ionto Georgian Bay.

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:D As of right now Cigar Guy says cool to riding up together. Margie is taking a couple of days off. I am going to have to give up our local car show. So I guess We will see You in Canada!!