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  1. Robert B. Wright

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    <font size="2">Celina is a great sight for our event. Perhaps we should consider a less congested week-end. The Classic and Antique Boat Society has had several successful shows just north of Indianapolis at Morse resrvoir.A sightly smaller lake but a lot of fun, 3 boat ramps, 3 taverns, 1 marina/bar,1motel on water The Edgewater, and pleanty of hotels 12 miles south in Indianapolis. Robert Wright</font>
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  2. John Bevins

    John Bevins Guest

    I'm all for any place closer to Colorado! The distance is the main
    factor for me. 1200+ miles each way for a weekend is a long drive. I
    don't mind the drive, but the gas is a killer!

    Everybody repeat after me ....

    "John's Amphi needs to go to the body shop..."


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