1st annual Not So Big Trailer Company research project contest


Robert Vondracek

I was helping a friend do some repairs on his 2001 Yamaha Phazer snowmobile
and decided to check the oil level in the chain driven transfer case that
drives the track. The dipstick has a magnet on it and it was hard to believe
how many metal fragments were attached to it. This snowmobile had less than
2000 miles on it; I couldn't imagine where all the metal fragments had come
from and
why? But the reality is that the magnet had done it's job.

He also owns a '99 Phazer, so I checked it. Same story.

Maybe Japanese technology helps me to justify my thinking on the value of
magnetized drain plugs on trannys and engines. And this gave me the idea of
sponsoring our first research project.

If anyone would like to try the magnetized drain plugs free of charge as
long as they are not using a NOS tranny, will install them now, agree to
give us a full report on the digest when they change their fluids at the end
of the 2004 season, and will send me the cores in the self addressed stamped
envelope that I will send them along with their new plugs, I will send them
out. This applies to the first person that e-mails me. Don't forget to send
me your mailing address

Not So Big Trailer Company, LLC
Rob Vondracek
1003 Woodcrest Court
Valparaiso, IN 46383

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