1st Annual Lake Arlington Swim-In



We had beautiful weather for the Swim-In on the Saturday the 23rd! The
weather had been a little iffy with rain on/off a few days before.

We had 5 Amphicars at the Swim-In!!!!! Dan/Kathy Gibson (us) from
Arlington, Al & Debra Heath (& Debra's Dad) from Westlake, David
Shappard & Debi from Mesquite, Warren & Lisa Kodosky from Austin &
Bill & Karen Todd from Houston.

One of the local tv stations (Channel 5) came out and did a quick
story on the event. They didn't show it until the next morning, but
there was some good shots of David & Bill's cars. The only bad thing
about it was that the camera guy put a nice sized scratch on the
passenger door.

As soon as they put the video on their site or we get our ours copied,
we'll post it.

We didn't have quite as many folks show up as we had thought might
come, but that was okay too!!! I think we made alot of people very
happy who did show up and get rides.

Thanks to all of you guys who came and participated in the Swim-in!!!!!!

You guys are the best!!!!!!!

Dan & Kathy Gibson