1963 Amphicar brochure

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
This booklet appears to be for sales staff. It shows the same (red?) car shown in all the images, so they probably hadn't put too many together yet. There are also some peculiarities of what must be an early production or pre-production model - like the radiator mounted where the battery resides on every other Amphicar.


The real fun part is that the booklet contains the most outrageous exaggerations of Amphicar performance I've ever read. If potential buyers expected this, it may not have been IWK that sank the project! (Yes, that address is on Madison Avenue - the K Street of that era.)

Z.b.: "On the highway, it accelerates from a standing start to an honest 90-miles-per hour effortlessly. It cruises a steady 75 m.p.h. so smoothly you can eat up the miles from sunrise to sunset and arrive relaxed and refreshed. All this, in four-passenger comfort, too!"


Nice find, Craig. I'm guessing this is a pre-production, post prototype vehicle. The 'Alligator' & first prototypes used a tranversely-mounted Italian motor, but supply was unable to support production, thus the adoption of the Herald engine. The body shape in these pictures has changed to very nearly the production-look versus the prototype-look, though.
Do you have "rights" to these images? I'd like to link or copy to post on Amphicar.com! --Larry

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
I do not own the rights to these photographs. These appeared on Hans Tore Tangerud's web site in Norway: http://lov2xlr8.no/; his "permissions" page is at http://lov2xlr8.no/continf2.html.This booklet has been posted by several people, but this one is the clearest. It is attributed to Tom Williamson of Port Washington, NY.

BTW, the other versions of this are listed as being from 1961, which makes sense: that was the year the Amphicar appeared at the Chicago Auto Show. They couldn't have assembled many Amphicars yet! Several early promo material lists the engine size as 948cc - suspiciously like a popular BMC motor.