1963 Amphi for sale


Ed Price

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<font face="Arial">My name is Brad Morgan. I work at Scott'Shop in Preston,WA. In 2003 we restored a 1963 Amphicar model 770.Our customer has since expressed interest in selling the car because it just sits in his garage because his kids have grownout of it.We have told him that we would try to sell it for him and I was wondering if you hadany good avenues or places to put this car up for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</font>
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<font face="Arial">Regards,</font>
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<font face="Arial">Brad Morgan</font>
<font face="Arial">Scott'Shop</font>
<font face="Arial">30545 SE 84th Street / P.O. Box 919</font>
<font face="Arial">Preston, WA 98050</font>
<font face="Arial">ph. (425)222-4696<span class="046210709-08072007"><font face="Century Schoolbook" color="#800000"></font></span></font>
<font face="Arial"><span class="046210709-08072007"></span></font>
<font face="Arial" size="2"><span class="046210709-08072007"><font face="Tahoma" size="3">motormek2@centurytel.net</font></span></font>
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