15 Minutes of fame


Mike Israel

OK, so it's not the New York Times but my Amphi did make the front page of the Valley Item (serving the greater Perkiomen Valley, PA). It was fairly well written although a few of the facts are incorrect. It is true that I did not reveal the purchase price ... doing so could be hazardous to marital bliss! Anyway, thought I would share the article ...

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (White)
Amphi Digest Admin

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Hi Mike, Did not know you were so close to Phila. We to have had our
15min of fame appearing on Evening Magazine with Ray Murray. The show
generated mail from all over the country. This was about years ago. I had
just finished all the restoration work,31/2 years worth, and taken
"Kermit" to the river. A photographer for the Inquire, and Bulletin later
were on the river and published the photo's. Next thing we were contacted
by channel 3 for the show. I thought it was a joke at first, but they
showed up at the house and away we went. I still have the video tape of
the show. It would be great to get together. I see you have been to
"Billy's". I have yet to take my car/boat there but do visit when in the
area. I attend the Ocean City car show and it's fun to drive the
boardwalk after the show. When the weather becomes civil again, lets try
to meet up. There are several good ramps in northeast phila. I've also
sailed Blue lake out your way. I'm 72, but still get a kick out of
sailing. Your right about jaws dropping going into the water. One fellow
called the police to rescue us. Well happy boating, hope to hear from
you, Pete Haslinger, 8632 Alicia st Phila., Pa.

Moses Scott Civ 22 LG

I was contacted on a Monday, to do a TV interview taping on Thursday for
a local car enthusiast show. I of course said OK, and did manage to get
the car cleaned up. It's amazing how nice the TV camera made my car
look. I brought my own video of the car in action, I seeded the host
with answers for questions that he could ask, and it went off without a
hitch. After the interview, the host commented, that he really enjoyed
my car. I imagine it gets tiresome showing the same types of cars every
week. With a little luck, maybe I've generated some interest or someone
will remember seeing a car behind a barn somewhere.

Scott Moses

BTW: Please let me know if you ordered a Celina coin and did not receive
it. I have about 25 left!!