15 miles to the gallon

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Hi all,
I'm gitten 15 miles to the gallon. So this is the deal last Sunday we were
lucky enough to take Lynne's Mom, here moms cousin from Ireland and her step
dad for an Amphi ride. These guys are all 80 plus and when you add Lynne and
myself we had over 350 years of people. Is that clear? Our ages added up to
over 350 years in the Amphicar - That's cool stuff.
Anyhow these guys could not get enough, after what must have been four hours
we went up the ramp. We had covered 15 miles or better. We managed to pry
them out of the back seat and then they were on there way. In the garage I
removed the plug to drain the bilge into a container, the next day there was
almost one gallon in that container. So I guess I'm gitten about 15 miles to
the gallon. Tommy in Tampa

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