13 maintenance locations?

Jon March

a common quote i see repeated regarding these cars is

"after operation in water, required greasing at 13 points, one of which required removal of the rear seat."

Is this true?
>>> What is the current maintenance-regeime to keep a car car in best shape?

(i think youre also supposed to dry your brakes with a long drive too?)

Jon March

i cant imagine driving a minimum of 45 miles each time i come out of the water!@#$

>> what are these "13 grease-points - one of which requires removal of the rear seat"


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All of them are mentioned in the user manual booklet.
Under the rear seat are two at the propeller shaft u-joints and after removing the two tunnel boots at the inner drive shaft u-joints.

Usually i drive only 25 miles after swimming. Most of the cars here are trailer queens, that is not so good. Some people here change wheel bearings every year.