11-12th August in Orillia, Ontario


Bill Connelly

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<font size="2">Gord, where is Orillia, I live over here in Michigan and have a 64 amphicar
that needs some cosmetics but runs and swims well and also have a 67 that is
waiting to be put together.
Ross Noel

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Ross, et al.:</font>
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<font face="Comic Sans MS">I've just added a second map link to Gord's August 11-12th listing in the Club's Events Calendar at</font><font face="Comic Sans MS">http://www.amphicar.com/calendar.htm</font><font face="Comic Sans MS">that now shows Orillia in relation to Toronto and the U.S. Border. One of these days, when the kids are a little older and can swim, we might just head on up there, rent one of Gord'shouseboat's for a couple of weeks and do the whole amphibian-aquatic lifestyle thing. For those with HTML-ized email readers, Gord's entry now looks like the following. ~Bilgy~:</font>

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<td width="84%"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"><font color="#ff0000" size="4">August 11-12th: Orillia, Ontario, Canada: </font>Join Gord Souter of Houseboat Vacations fame at the Orillia Power Boat & Cottage Show.</font></td>
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Gord writes, "Orillia has a big boat show that has been going on for many years. I am trying to find out if there is enough interest for me to invite and organize an Amphicar meet in conjuction with this show (like Mt. Dora's in Florida). The Orillia Chamber of Commerce has expressed some support for the idea, and I already have a small motel that will host us if I get back to them early. Orillia is 100 miles north of Toronto with great ramps, lots of lakes and 1000s of spectators. To see a map showing Orillia (marked with a red star) in relation to Toronto and the U.S. border, click here. For a more detailed map showing the whole area, click here. I have been going to the show with mine for years, and when I ask folks why they came to the show they reply, 'IN HOPE OF SEEING THE AMPHICAR!!!' If you are interested in attending, please drop Gord a line at houseboats@encode.com or c/o Gord Souter's Houseboat Vacations, 3860 Carlyon Line, RR4 Orillia L3V 6H4, Canada; Tel. 888-327-7591 or 705-327-7591.</font>
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