1. sdreich

    Amphicar Video on eBay

    Trippel's Amphibians is a short video from 1998 in VHS format recounting the history of German amphibious cars designed by Hans Trippel. It includes an interview with Trippel and an extended segment on Amphicars along with video of his other amphibious prototypes. I am auctioning it on eBay...
  2. V

    Trunk Board templates

    Hello Folks, Does anyone have the templates for the trunk boards or is willing to trace them onto butcher paper for me? I want to make a set but with heavier material than the originals. Thank you, Marc Sisters, Oregon 206.799.6529
  3. D

    Amphicar Transmission - Excellent Condition

    For Sale - Transmission from the Amphicar Celina Swim-In 2018 Raffle The transmission has been rebuilt by the World Renowned Amphicar Restorer, Gord Souter who said "I think this was as close as you can get to a NOS (New Old Stock) tranny. There is NO wear on any of the gears. They're all like...